RuPay Debit Card


RuPay Debit Card


We offer Rupay Debit Card which is acceptable on all ATM Across India. 

RuPay debit cards have some amazing features that can be compelling.



  • RuPay debit card is a domestic payment gateway.
  • The transaction cost is low.
  • The transaction processing is faster.
  • RuPay banks don’t have to pay any network registration fees.
  • It is handy and accessible even in rural areas with limited or no banking availability.
  • Customers can easily book train tickets via Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) RuPay prepaid debit card.
  • RuPay debit cards offer higher transaction and withdrawal limits with mobility.
  • RuPay debit cards are accepted in more than 10,000 e-commerce sites, 1.8 lakh merchant terminals and over 8 lakh POS terminals. 
  • Secure your ATM Card using Sarvatra Card Safe app
  • Cash Withdrawal Transaction Limit  At ATM Rs. 25000/- per day
  • Purchase Transaction Limit at Merchant Establishment  Rs. 50000/- per day
  • Cash at POS Limit Rs. 1000/- per day


ATM facility can be availed by following customers -


  • Any individual having savings bank account with one name or joint holders having instructions to withdraw with one signature
  • A current account as sole proprietorship or in individual name

Charges -


  • The ATM cards are issued free of cost.
  • Card re-issue charge is Rs.200/- + GST
  • Pin re-issue (ATM password) charge is Rs.30/- + GST
  • Yearly charges Rs.125/- + GST